What are the ideas behind IMS and Dry Needling?

Dry Needling and IMS are the forms of acupuncture, but they largely differ from the traditional methods in terms of purpose and technique. Before you choose these services at All Care Physiotherapy, it’s beneficial for you to understand the definition.

1.Dry Needling:

It is a pain reduction technique that primarily targets the trigger points that are recognized as tender palpable areas within the muscle. These affected areas feel like small bumps by touch. These occur as a result of improper loading, emotional or physical stress, sustained poor posture, and dehydration.

2.Intramuscular Stimulation:

IMS is also a form of physiotherapy, but it differs from Dry Needling. Unlike the later, it is responsible for both diagnosis and treatment of pain from a neuropathic origin. Such a pain occurs when there’s a nervous disorder following a wound or tissue irritation. In this condition, the tips of your nerves become overly sensitive and start interpreting normal sensations as pain.

What is purpose of dry needling and IMS?

Both IMS and Dry Needling are useful for musculoskeletal dysfunction but show no effect internal functioning. Unlike traditional acupuncture, IMS and Dry Needling only focus on the area of needling and produce effects on that particular area. When it comes to treatment area, both follows the same principle. An acupuncture needle is inserted in the trigger points with the objective of healing the muscle pain.

Does they cause muscle soreness?

More than one muscle can be treated in a session with the help of IMS and Dry Needling. During treatment, both the techniques happen to create soreness in the muscles, which lasts for a few hours or a few days, depending on the acuteness. Mostly, this soreness is identified as aching, dullness, and local jump sensation. Physiotherapists consider this as a good sign and indicate the scenario as ‘muscle response.’ However, this is a temporary discomfort which is followed by improved mobility, muscle relaxation, and pain reduction. Sometimes, routine exercise is essential after needling to experience a lasting effect.

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