Massage Therapy

“Revitalize your body. Renew your spirit. All Care Massage Therapy.”

Why should you get a Massage Therapy?

Science is old, only innovation keeps it up-to-date. Similarly, Massage Therapy is one of the oldest methods of reducing pain, just latest practices have brought innovation in it. Throughout the history of human race, the term exists. This method is quite popular in both Eastern and Western Cultures for its wide-ranging wellness benefits. People with soreness, body spasm, or muscle cramps must go for Massage Therapy. It involves gentle massage on the trigger points, manipulating the internal soft tissues of the body. Right through the session, your bad health condition improves gradually.

What are the varied forms of Massage Therapy?

This particular therapy included different techniques, based on the type of injury. Highlighting the most common forms of Massage Therapy:

  • Classical or Swedish Massage (core of the most massage therapy programs)
  • Sports Massage (especially designed for athletes)
  • Clinical Massage (best for releasing muscles spasms)
  • Shiatsu (derived from Eastern Culture)
  • Tuina (derived from Eastern Culture)

In which types of pain, Massage Therapy works best?

Several studies have shown that Massage Therapy can be used to release all the basic forms of soreness. For your perusal, pointing a few of the many conditions where Massage Therapy may help you:

  • Neck and Shoulder pain
  • Low-Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Relieve anxiety and pain in cancer patients
  • Helpful for fibromyalgia symptoms (depression, anxiety, pain)
  • Improves the ‘quality of living’ of people with HIV/AIDS
  • Massage increases the weight of premature babies

Are there any risks includes in Massage Therapy?

Definitely, yes! Without the knowledge of proper techniques, Massage Therapy may increase the pain rather than reducing it. License and certification are essential for any physiotherapist, before client handling. All Care, catering in this domain for long, is well aware of the integral risks. So, we design training programs for our physiotherapists, under the supervision of industry-best experts. This helps them in gaining fair shreds of knowledge and experience in Massage Therapy. Authorization is mandate in our clinic!