What is WCB Physiotherapy or Physiotherapists?

When an individual is suffering from any injury which was sustained at work place, physiotherapists in charged in get them back on track are WCB physiotherapists. The overall process includes consultation with a professional physiotherapists & the treatment may include standard & post surgical treatment.

It also includes neurological along with vestibular along with hydrotherapy treatment services. After sustaining an injury the worker needs to submit the report to WCB stating the seriousness of the injury. The workers can submit the report through online platform also.

What are the responsibilities of physiotherapists at the time of assessment?

  • Looking at the seriousness of the injury
  • Letting WCB know the seriousness & design a treatment procedure
  • Make sure the patients heal in quick time.

What are the advantages of seeking help from WCB physiotherapists?

Increases & improves Mobilization in the injured parts-

Work place injuries can prove to be fatal. To recover fast the physiotherapists registered with WCB will take up the onus of letting the injured area heal fast. At the same time they will make sure that mobilization becomes seamless & blood circulation improves.

Letting The Individuals Know The Seriousness Of The Injury-

After accessing the injury they will let you know the seriousness and the time that are to be consumed during the recovery phase. Moreover you can attain quality session and let WCB know about the current situation.

What is the procedure of a physiotherapist listed under WCB?

The respective physiotherapist is obligated to report to WCB & make them aware about the injury that has occurred. The respective reporting needs to get submitted within couple of business days. It is not a lawful procedure to bill another payment source when treatment plan is already accepted by WCB as work related

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