What is ICBC Coverage?

The government of British Columbia has announced changes in auto insurance which are going to be implemented from May 2021. Under this enhanced care coverage, individuals of British Columbia injured in vehicle crash will receive significant enhanced recovery benefits.

The individual may be responsible or may not be responsible for the crash, but will receive the compensation for the crash. With enhanced care you are supposed to save on your premium. You can save about 20% on full ICBC basics & operational coverage

How ICBC Coverage works?

After meeting with the crash you need to follow the respective guidelines:

  • After crash report your claim to ICBC
  • Provider will design a plan to gain the compensation
  • ICBC pays the fees directly
  • Seek help from a health care professional

What is the role of physiotherapists with ICBC?

Physiotherapists & physiotherapeutic organizations enlisted with ICBC get the opportunity to heal individuals who has sustained injury during the crash.

  • Treating patients with care
  • Assess the seriousness of injury
  • Creating report & submitting it to ICBC
  • Letting the patients feel better & get back on track.

Advantages of seeking physiotherapeutic session before seeking ICBC coverage

  • Receiving rehab program as long as you need- If you are a resident of BC you are supposed to get complete rehab program designed by professional physiotherapists. There is going to be no tap on the timeline and there won’t be any rush to squeeze in one session after the other. You are supposed to receive therapy until you recover from the sustained injury.
  • Lowering the personal cost for ICBC rehab- Under the latest model approved by ICBC approved physiotherapy bills are going to be covered right away. It diminishes the wait & lowers the personal cost for ICBC rehab.
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