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Reduce Body Spasm

Welcome To All Care Physiotherapy in Surrey,BC - Physiotherapist Near You

We are here to provide you with specialized physiotherapy treatment including Laser Therapy, Sports Injuries, Intramuscular Stimulation Treatment, Lower Back Pain Treatment, Frozen Shoulders Treatment, Rotator cuff injury and many more. Born with a vision of restoring people’s wellness following pain, injury, or any disability. On choosing All Care Physiotherapy, you’ll be benefitted with our methodical and scientific therapeutic facilities. Massage Therapy, Active Rehabilitation, Vestibular Therapy are some of our core services, beside physiotherapy. With a team of chartered and registered physiotherapists, we guarantee to heal your body spasm within weeks and help you get rid of long-standing cramps, twinges, knee problem, and backache.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Having a fair knowledge of physiology and anatomy, our physiotherapists extend their skills to help you with the following:

  • Embracing a healthier lifestyle, growing fit day by day
  • Diagnosing injuries and healing pain using innovative techniques
  • Reviving energy through physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • To avoid injury in the sports field, workplace, or at home

Our objective is to give you relief from a poor health condition providing a long-term solution. We never speak about immediate recovery and that’s what proves our authenticity. Our therapists only make use of physical methodologies, avoiding any ointment or pill. We strive to work in line with your requirements and inhibit re-occurrence so that we need not to visit for the same condition again and again.

Comprehensive Physiotherapy Service

Escape Regular Twinges In Moment

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the earliest tools of human history used for relieving body pain maneuvering the soft tissues

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Active Rehabilitation

It is a pain reduction technique that involves physical fitness procedure, acting as a valuable resource in life.

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Physical Therapy treats acute pain, cartilage damage, and other similar conditions by regular prescribed exercises.

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IMS/Dry Needling

Both Dry Needling and IMS are useful in healing musculoskeletal dysfunction by needling in the trigger points.

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Vestibular Therapy

This VR therapy is an exercise-based therapeutic program, designed for vestibular substitution and adaptation.

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