Our Team

Great People, Grand Experience

All Care Physiotherapy is the home to some of the Canada’s finest physiotherapist. Our medical professionals are skilled technicians with proper knowledge of rehabilitation, pain management, and exercise modules. With 100+ experts on board, we handle every patient with ultimate solution and compassionate care. To give you a more concentrated and focused nursing, we have divided them in small counts. Each sub-segment is supervised by an experienced and highly-knowledgeable professional in order to ensure complete satisfaction and absolute safety.

We value for your money and time and to make Physio more reasonable for our clients we offer special discounts to seniors and elders and also Waive overhead charges on extended health benefits , no fees of any type is charged Fromm work safe and ICBC clients And also help clients to process their files.

All Care Physiotherapy, also, offers proper training and guidance to its in-house physiotherapists. On a regular basis, we update our technicians with new innovations, aftercare tips, technologies, and physiotherapy specialties. This helps them to achieve success with each patient. Right here, you’ll find the way to maximum restoration under the guidance of our team. We invite you to learn more about our staffs and their fields of specializations. Drop us an email at amitpuri@ymail.com or call us at 236-332-6237 (24/7 available).

All our therapist are post graduates and with 10to 15 years of experience Our staff speaks Hindi , Punjabi and English.

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